Thanks UltraMidwest!

The news broke today that the Metamora 4×50 will be the final UltraMidwest race. Dave Parker, the organizer, has had some health issues and the extra stress of running races is a bit too much. The decision is certainly the right one. There’s no need to jeopardize health for a bike race amongst friends (or among strangers even!).

I want to thank Dave, Lori, Joe, and all the volunteers that helped with the UltraMidwest races. I only managed to catch the last two years of the races series, 2012 and 2013, but they were really important for becoming ever more obsessed with ultracycling. The friendliness and encouraging competition made every race something I really looked forward to doing. Hopefully some new races will pop up in the Midwest to continue the ultra spirit.

We’ll all continue riding our bikes excessively and regaling tales of the ridiculous adventures that come with so much saddle time.

The only thing I won’t miss is that 15-mile stretch of road between Lost Nation and US-61 during Balltown. It seemed to stretch on forever!

Instead of the Weekend of Racing UltraMidwest 24-hour, I’ll be heading down to North Carolina for the Mid-Atlantic 24-hour. I’ll get to link up with a really good friend, so out of the bad news comes some good.

Thanks again UltraMidwest!


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